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Thinking About Yoga Teacher Training?

I started writing this post a few months back and never finished writing it. It’s funny coming back to it now because I recently stopped teaching yoga. And by recently I mean, like, very recently — I taught my last class a little over a week ago! And when I say I quit I mean that I got moved to the substitute teacher list…I always like to keep a foot in the door, ya know? It will be a while before I sub for a class. I need some space and a little more free time in my schedule — so I can do things like work on this blog, for example! Also, I’ve been feeling a disconnect between my yoga practice and practicing what I preach. I feel like I can’t try to instill feelings of zen in others when my own life is anything but at the moment. I just need to quietly hate people (I’m a server/bartender IRL…it’s hard not to sometimes) and listen to Steel Panther on repeat without the guilt. Continue reading

Simplify and Save Part 3: Money Management

Simplify & Save: How to Organize Your Accounts, Choose Credit Cards, and Save Money

Almost as much as I get asked for yoga advice, people come to me with questions about money. It’s funny, because talk about money and savings and finances has always seemed boring and stressful to me. I was always a great student, but if it hadn’t been for help from my roommate, I wouldn’t have passed my required finance class in college. In the past few years of living on my own since graduation, I’ve learned A LOT about money, and what works for me financially to be able to afford to live the life I want. I’m still no expert, and I have no idea what an IRA is or how the stock market works, but I can tell you how I organize my money to allow myself as much freedom as possible. Here’s my own personal techniques on how to save money, no accounting knowledge necessary! You can also check out my posts on money-saving lifestyle changes and cheap travel tips for more advice! Continue reading

Simplify and Save Part 2: Travel Tips

It’s been a whirlwind couple of months where I’ve had the opportunity to revisit a lot of my favorite travel destinations! In December, I went to Las Vegas (which is, don’t judge me, my favorite place in the whole world); last month I went to NYC; tomorrow¬†I’ll be in Honolulu, Hawaii; later this¬†month I’ll get to visit Washington, D.C. for the first time! So naturally, the question is…how can I afford to travel so much? In this post, I’ll discuss my some of my tips on saving money and scoring the best travel deals. Continue reading

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