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Where to Drink for Cheap in Las Vegas

A common misconception that people seem to have about Vegas is that drinks are super expensive, unless you’re sitting at a machine gambling for awhile, in which case they are “free”. Here’s a little secret for ya though: the amount you’re going to lose playing slots to get your “free” drink would be more than enough to cover quite a few drinks at my favorite Vegas dives! Plus, some of these places also have awesome food or karaoke! If you’re looking to down a few drinks without having to spend all of your hard-earned cash, read on. And also, don’t try to buy drinks at the hotel pool!

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(Mis)Adventures in NYC

So…it’s been a minute since I last posted. Besides having traveled all over the country in the past month or so and working crazy hours in between travels (you know, what else is new?) I’ve been floundering to find a sense of direction in my life. And I don’t physically mean a sense of direction (though mine is terrible, and regularly waking up in different time zones and parts of the country will fuck you up a little bit), but a sense of purpose. A direction to follow along the path of life.

Or hell, even which path to take at all.

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