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Pre-Vegas: How to Prepare for an Epic Las Vegas Vacay

Considering that I’m first and foremost a metalhead who gives a damn about the environment, the last place I expected to fall in love with (or fall in love, for that matter — I met my partner, Jon, in Vegas 2 years ago!), was Las Vegas. I don’t gamble, I hate clubs and crowds, and I freak out when people leave the sink on while they brush their teeth because it’s wasting water. And yet there is something about the extravagance of Sin City that I am just obsessed with. Tonight, I head back for my fifth time in 2 years. At this point, I consider myself something of an expert and I would love to share what I’ve learned with you guys!

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Preparing for the New Year

The New Year is my favorite holiday. It’s full of excitement, and hope, and a sense of newness and change. I love taking the time to reminisce about the previous year, and to set goals and resolutions for the year to come. Me and my lists, ya know?

Starting the new year off right means ending the current one on a good note. We can’t move forward if there are things holding us back! In my yoga classes the past few weeks, I’ve been discussing how to prepare for the new year. Each week, I’ve focused on a different idea about letting go and of the past and setting yourself up for success in the future. Continue reading

Living the Life You Want

This week is a big week for me: I’m celebrating 2 years of freedom. 2 years of living the life I want to live.

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Birthday Blog Post: Part 1

It’s been awhile since my last post. I turned 26 this week and, as my birthday tends to do, it inspired me to work on some of my goals, one of which is blogging more regularly. I also had a couple pretty awesome realizations that day, and I would like to share them. Continue reading

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