I started writing this post a few months back and never finished writing it. It’s funny coming back to it now because I recently stopped teaching yoga. And by recently I mean, like, very recently — I taught my last class a little over a week ago! And when I say I quit I mean that I got moved to the substitute teacher list…I always like to keep a foot in the door, ya know? It will be a while before I sub for a class. I need some space and a little more free time in my schedule — so I can do things like work on this blog, for example! Also, I’ve been feeling a disconnect between my yoga practice and practicing what I preach. I feel like I can’t try to instill feelings of zen in others when my own life is anything but at the moment. I just need to quietly hate people (I’m a server/bartender IRL…it’s hard not to sometimes) and listen to Steel Panther on repeat without the guilt. Continue reading